woensdag 26 april 2017

6 Interessante artikelen die je als leerkracht gelezen moet hebben! [11]

De afgelopen dagen heb ik weer een hoeveelheid artikelen gelezen die in mijn 'RSS-reader' stonden. Ik heb een selectie gemaakt uit de m.i. interessantste artikelen. De informatie die aangeboden wordt in deze artikelen is mogelijk interessant voor jouw werk op school / in de klas, dan wel om privé te gebruiken.

"We nemen allemaal wel eens een stukje tekst over van één of andere website. Maar dat mag natuurlijk lang niet altijd. Online zijn gelukkig voldoende plagiaat-checkers te vinden die laten zien of een bepaalde tekst al bestaat [...]" Lees het volledige artikel »

"Internet addiction can be a serious productivity killer. The net is full of all kinds of digital distractions and unless you know how to effectively manage your online time, you will always have issues with your productivity. Over the last few years, we have reviewed a number of key apps and tools to help you fight digital addiction and control your online time, most popular of them all is Pomodoro. Today, we are introducing to another cool tool to help you stay focused and on task [...]" Lees het volledige artikel »

"Start a new tab on any modern browser and you meet the speed dial, a collection of your most visited sites. It’s handy, sure, but the new tab page can be much more useful.
The key to productivity is finding out what works for you. Don’t just apply what a productivity guru says without thinking about your needs. The New Tab page can serve many purposes. If you don’t need a collection of your most visited sites, turn it into something you actually need.
Web apps and extensions are the best way to make this happen. But when you are choosing one, try to find something that works across all browsers. That way, you aren’t restricted to one browser or device alone [...]" Lees het volledige artikel »

"Yes, I’m all about the worksheets. And pencils.But that doesn’t mean there aren’t times I loosen things up a little bit and get a little creative. Because no matter how much fun that old-school math fact practice can be, I know the little munchkins need a change of pace. Color, sound, drama… Everything a really good math fact game brings to the table. Along with a really huge twist, an amazing “One More Thing” that I’m going to save for the end of this post [...]" Lees het volledige artikel »
Misschien vind je op deze website iets dat je kunt gebruiken in jouw groep...

"Email scams are one of the oldest tricks that internet scammers use to separate you from your valuable information. While they started off as laughable pleas from far-off princes, they’re now so advanced that you might not even be able to tell they’re fake [...]" Lees het volledige artikel »

"[...] The new version of Google Earth works differently than the old version, particularly when it comes to building tours. Josh built a free tool that makes it relatively easy to create and publish tours to view in the new version of Google Earth.
GE Teach Tour is a free tool that you and your students can use to create tours to play in the new web version of Google Earth [...]" Lees het volledige artikel »

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